XR600P – The Latest Addition to Aerohive’s SD-WAN Portfolio

Today I’m excited to finally talk to you about the brand-new XR600P, the latest addition to Aerohive’s growing SD-WAN solution. This router has been built from the ground up to deliver the best possible SD-WAN experience for mid-enterprise environments.


Similar to the XR200P, the XR600P supports application flow control, identity-driven policy enforcement, link state monitoring, multi-path optimization, automated provisioning, stateful firewall and much more. Overall, these capabilities benefit multi-site organizations with reduced network cost and complexity, faster deployments and a secure, reliable HQ-like network experience for every user and device, regardless of location.


Thanks to powerful componentry, the XR600P can achieve up to 600Mbps of firewall throughput and 250Mbps VPN throughput. In addition, it has two dedicated WAN ports and two USB ports (the side one is USB 3.0).


These connections can function in unison, taking advantage of Aerohive’s Link State Monitoring and Dynamic Path Selection technology to distribute traffic between multiple connections in real-time. With an extended power budget of 60W, the XR600P supports various PoE and PoE+ combinations across the 4 LAN ports. These can be used to power wireless Access Points, desk phones and more. WAN/LAN ports can also have their roles reassigned based on preference (3x WAN max).


This powerful bit of kit also has the ability to function as a L3 IPsec VPN gateway, enabling customers to connect multiple XR routers to a central XR600P for VPN termination as opposed to a VPN Virtual Appliance.


Keep your eyes peeled as the SD-WAN solution from Aerohive will soon receive a number of other enhancements including integrated URL filtering!

To learn more about the XR600P, you can download the full datasheet here. To learn more about Aerohive SD-WAN, click here.


Nathaniel Moore (CWNE #222) is a Product Marketing Manager for Aerohive Networks with experience as a Systems Engineer in computer networking and wireless systems across multi-vendor solutions.

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