Wi-Fi Ninjas Podcast Team Welcomes Aerohive’s Very Own and Wi-Fi Legend, David Coleman to Talk Wi-Fi 6

David Coleman (CWNE #4) joined the Wi-Fi Ninjas podcast recently to discuss Wi-Fi 6 with the hosts. During the show, David provided a lot of great information about the technology in 802.11ax. If you are new to Wi-Fi 6, be sure to check out the 802.11ax for Dummies Book from Aerohive!

Here’s some of the key highlights and information David shared:

  • 11ax (Wi-Fi 6) builds on the strengths of 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) while adding efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.
  • OFMDA is the secret sauce with multi-user communications in Wi-Fi 6, which allows better use of the frequency space.
  • Multi-user MIMO was available in Wave 2 of 802.11ac, but it wasn’t practical in real-world applications.
  • The final revision of the 802.11ax standard will be ratified late this year, but all Aerohive 802.11ax access points will remain backward compatible.
  • Wi-Fi 6 isn’t focused on faster speeds like previous IEEE standards. It’s about making the medium more efficient and providing users a better experience.
  • 11ax APs will not improve the performance of any 802.11ac/n clients Wi-Fi clients, but as we see more 802.11ax clients on the network, the efficiency improvements gained by 802.11ax clients will free up the airtime for those clients, resulting in a more efficient network overall.

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