Wi-Fi in 2017, 2018 And Beyond … What Really Matters?


With the rise of Wi-Fi-enabled devices entering our organizations, and the expectation for realiable connectivity, there are several requirements IT Managers consider when choosing a Wi-Fi solution today. 

IT Managers need to ensure they have sufficient bandwidth; can scale and adapt as required; have appropriate network security; and have a central point of management. All while keeping cost and complexity to a minimum. 

Wi-Fi vendors in the year 2017 will offer solutions to all of these requirements as we see market shifts. There is increased 802.11ac Wave 2 adoption; a large transition from centralized to distributed control; and the continued rise of cloud networking and software-defined architectures. 

The question becomes: Does your Wi-Fi, or the solution you’re considering, deliver on these five key attributes?

  1. Adaptability: Continuously adjusts to client, application, and infrastructure changes.
  2. Flexibility: Easily integrates with existing architecture and applications.
  3. Affordability: Reduces the cost of acquisition and ongoing operation of the network.
  4. Continuity: Self-optimizing, self-healing, and self-organizing operation.
  5. Scalability: Starts small and grows – or shrinks – as requirements change.

In this series of posts, we provide answers to these questions, because finding a solution tailored to your requirements is vital to the success of your digital workplace.

All posts in this WLAN Buyer’s Guide series:

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Part 8) Beyond Connectivity: How Can Wi-Fi Use Apps For Insights?



Mat Edwards is Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Aerohive where he helps drive strategy and vision for Aerohive's wireless LAN solutions.

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