Wi-Fi Feud, Spending Time with Customers, and Other Fun At ISTE 2017

The International Society for Technology in Education (you probably know it by ISTE) conference has wrapped up, and we are still buzzing from all the excitement. We’ve been coming to this conference for almost a decade and love it.

Here’s a quick, visual summary of ISTE 2017 through the eyes of some attendees who took to Twitter and shared their excitement.

We had a blast hanging out with friends, current customers, and future customers during the week. Prior to the event, we surveyed some of our customers about Wi-Fi usage in schools. We took this data and created Family Feud: Wi-Fi Edition. This was an absolute hit at the event!

We had a lot of fun with it (well, maybe too much fun)!

One of the key themes that the Aerohive crew noticed around ISTE was the focus on technology as a conduit for creation. It’s no longer about technology for technology’s sake. It’s about taking the best of modern educational technology, putting it in the hands of students, and seeing what they come up with.

It’s not just about speeds and feeds. It’s not just about 11n, 11ac, or 11ax. It’s not just about Application Visibility and Control. It’s not about the technology. It’s about what the technology enables. It’s about the student – who can take an iPad, record a presentation, edit it, and then share it with the entire class. It’s about students with disabilities being able to use the iPad’s technology and app ecosystem (much of it powered by Wi-Fi) using the built in accessibility tools.

Take, for example, our friends at Dell Education who particularly liked LittleBits. These are electronic building blocks that students can build with.

Most of the great modern technology in education relies on Wi-Fi that is fast, reliable, and worry-free. We talked to multiples customers who confirmed to us that we always have and continue to offer that.

We believe that rock solid Wi-Fi for education should offer fast deployments, easy management, and offer value on top of just connectivity. Our mission to make the lives easier for IT Directors day to day. By picking the right platform to invest into, they’ll reap the rewards for many years.

We’re proud of the fact that Wi-Fi is at the center of everything exciting happening in educational technology. We also love our customers. We love hearing what they love about products, and also what they’d like to change in the future. We are a company made up of people. We are moms, dads, brothers, and sisters. We love to hear our customers’ stories. We love hearing how our cloud-managed Wi-Fi powers their iPads, Chromebooks, MacBook Airs, Apple TVs, Wi-Fi projectors, and countless other devices. This is why we come into work everyday.

At ISTE, we were showing our dual 5 Ghz access points along with discussing the benefits of Aerohive connect. Starting at $229 per access point, Aerohive Connect offers an incredible value for schools who want enterprise connectivity and cloud management, but without all the extra features they might not use. We were awarded “Best of Show” by Tech & Learning.

San Antonio is a great host, and we hope you all had as much fun as we did! We’ll see you all next year in Chicago!

As much as we love technology, we also love spending time with our customers in person over dinner and elsewhere.



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