Wi-Fi 101: How To Configure Your Aerohive Access Point

This video series shows how to take an Aerohive AP from out of the box to getting it connected to HiveManager NG. Learn more about the free AP program

Step 1: Unboxing the Aerohive AP and the power injector.


This video shows what to expect when you sing up for Aerohive Free AP program. In this video Henry Vu shows how to power on and connect Aerohive AP to the internet. 

How to power on and connect the Aerohive AP to the internet.

How to create your own HiveManager NG account so you can configure and monitor your free AP.

Step 4: Steps required when logging in to your HiveManager NG account for the first time.

Step 5: How to connect your free AP to HiveManager NG. It’s easy, we promise.


At Aerohive, we help IT radically simplify wireless and wired access with Cloud Networking. Our technology is sophisticated yet straightforward, offers unrivaled choice and flexibility, and continually solves real world problems with continuous innovations.

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