Why Hospitality Service Providers Are Taking Their Business Forward With Aerohive

Aerohive today announced that more Hospitality Service Provider Partners are moving ahead with Aerohive. What prompted this move?

In a nutshell, hospitality service providers have noticed a slowing of innovation in rival technologies, while taking note of Aerohive’s tiered solution offering that allows them to address the historically underserved value segment, midmarket and upscale properties alike; of Aerohive’s cloud networking platform which is the perfect vehicle for managed services delivery, and the comprehensive hospitality service provider program.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons that attract hospitality service providers to Aerohive’s hospitality solution.

1. Flexibility Public or private Cloud management, separated hardware and software procurement and deployment, and a favorable set of partner terms perfectly align Aerohive with a Managed Service Provider’s technology and business requirements.

2. Simplicity – Unparalleled ease of operations from deployment to support. Device auto-provisioning, flexible global and localized policy management, and a suite of visibility and reporting tools reduce management cost and complexity.

3. Scale – Capable of supporting 1+ million managed devices and 10+ million connected clients from a single instance of HiveManager NG, Managed Service Providers can easily manage and support their customer base from one location.

4. Product – A hospitality-rich portfolio, including the AP150W, setting a new standard for a wall and desk mounted access point and switch, with 802.11ac Wave 2, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and ZigBee connectivity all included. The AP150W can be installed in under 2 minutes.

5. Price – With fully-managed enterprise connectivity starting at $229, every hospitality customer has access to fast and reliable network access for their guests. With low cost to entry, Managed Service Providers can cater to all customer needs with a single solution.

6. Opportunity – A tiered solution offering with Aerohive Connect and Select ensure rich recurring service revenue opportunities, and the ability to continually adapt to customer requirements as demand increases and technology needs change.

7. Reliability – Worry-free Wi-Fi with continuous operation is achieved through Aerohive’s unique Wi-Fi architecture, leveraging distributed control and data planes that can self-learn, self-organize, self-heal, and self-optimize for an ever-changing environment.

8. Security – In-room privacy, corporate data handling, and IoT device connections, are all protected by Aerohive’s unique and patented Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) technology and granular dynamic policy enforcement. TPM-based device encryption physically protects sensitive network configuration data.

9. Integration – Aerohive’s comprehensive set of APIs enables Service Providers to integrate their network management with other internal platforms, and offer new business value to customers by utilizing network data to develop new customer applications and insights.

10. Support – Cloud data collection powers proactive monitoring and diagnostic tools, enabling helpdesk teams to quickly isolate and remedy issues often before a customer is aware. Aerohive and its channel partners have achieved the industry’s highest customer satisfaction and approval ratings.


Kathleen Hedde drives product marketing and channel adoption for Aerohive’s A3 secure access management solution, cloud networking platform, managed services programs (MSP/HSP/SP), and open API platform.

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