Learn the Benefits of Upgrading From HiveManager Classic to HiveManager

Aerohive has been the pioneer in the cloud-managed networking space since the founding of our company. From day one, we believed in the cloud-management of all network aspects (wired, wireless, etc). Over the years, our strategy has been proved correct for customers over and over again. Our original cloud-management system was called HiveManager Online, but was renamed HiveManager Classic a few years ago as we transitioned to HiveManager Next-Generation (now simply called HiveManager).

HiveManager is a new foundation for us to keep innovating in the cloud-managed networking space. It includes a redesigned underlying architecture to prepare for the future of networking. HiveManager makes networks smarter, more secure, and more manageable by leveraging a high velocity of new features and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning toolsets.

Watch a demo to learn about the benefits of upgrading from Classic to HiveManager public or private cloud, and how you can take advantage of these advanced capabilities:

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Aerohive simplifies and secures your network using a cloud-managed solution with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. AI-driven innovation enables customers to discover untapped business insights, allowing them to implement informed decisions based on these predictive analytics, while providing unrivalled flexibility in deployment, management and licensing of cloud-managed wireless, switching, routing and security solutions.

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