Top iPhone Apps For Busy Professionals

Over the years, iOS has gone from an operating system that powers our phones to becoming a portable computer in our pockets. It’s hard to believe, but my iPhone 6S Plus has 4x the RAM of my computer in college, which was just over a decade ago. We’ve certainly come a long way thanks to Moore’s Law. We all love our iPhones and iPads. For all the things that laptops did for mobile productivity, the iPad and iPhone took it took the next level.

Our devices are largely useless without apps, though. I always get asked by friends to see my home screen. I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my must-have iOS apps for mobile productivity.

1) Dark Sky
Dark Sky is a must-have app for parents, teachers, and coaches. While it’s a fully-featured weather app, the secret sauce is being able to notify you of rain with deadly accuracy within the hour. This is also great for summer beach trips. You can get push notifications that say “Rain in 8 minutes,” and it will even tell you how long it’s going to rain.

2) Slack
Slack is my go-to message app for projects and teams I am on. In fact, boundless largely happens on Slack. It’s free for up to ten users, and it can help your team or organization cut way down on e-mail. You can share files, links, and post messages to “channels” that different members of your organization can see. You can customize how you are notified as well (everything, just when someone tags you, etc).

3) Screens VNC
I’ve written about Screens VNC on another website, and I think it’s the best way to access your Mac from your iPhone or iPad. It’s great if you need to access a desktop style web browser or files that aren’t synced to a cloud service. They also have a Mac version for accessing your Mac from another Mac.

4) Instapaper
Being in IT, I need to read a lot of news to stay up on what is happening in the technology industry. Instapaper allows me to save articles from Safari, Twitter, and Apple News for reading later. They even download inside the app, so I can read even if I am at a place with limited Wi-Fi or cellular service. You can highlight and make notes inside the articles as well.

5) Vigil Website Monitoring
This is my go-to app for monitoring website uptime on my iPhone. It sends me a push notification if a site goes down. You can even set the sensitivity of the notification as well (how long it needs to be offline before you are notified). The app shows you a graph of your site’s performance for a period of up to 30 days. Pricing starts at $20 per year, but it’s a great value packaged with a well-designed app.

What’s your favorite business iPhone app? Let me know on Twitter.

Bradley Chambers has been the Director of Information Technology at Brainerd Baptist School since 2009. At BBS, he manages a network of Apple and Chrome OS devices. He also writes at Tools & Toys. The Sweet Setup, and 9to5Mac.

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