Honoring Earth Month: 5 Tips for a Greener office

The “official” Earth Day (April 22,2019) has once again come and gone, but we won’t stop here. April is earth month and we love taking the time to promote taking care of the planet we call home. With that being said, we can make every day Earth Day and bring awareness to it with a few ways that are easy to implement and will make a considerable difference over time.

Here are five tips you can do year-round to make Earth Day every day at your office:

Tip #1: Use LED Bulbs

LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy that other types of bulbs use. While it might cost you a little more on the front end, you’ll save money long term by using LED bulbs. Don’t forget to turn them off when not using them though!

Tip #2: Pedal When Possible

Do you have the option to bike to work? Make use of pedal power and keep cars off the road when possible. Snap that helmet, get some exercise (don’t forget Amazon Alexa from your mobile device if you need to check in on your network), and keep a car off the road.

Tip #3: Lower AC Usage

While we all love the sun shining in during the day, it can often lead to higher energy usage. Shut the blinds in your office to help lower your AC costs during the hot summer months.

Tip #4: Reuse and Recycle

When you go shopping for office supplies, use reusable bags when possible. If you can’t, be sure to recycle paper and plastic in the appropriate bins.

Tip #5: Don’t Print

Sometimes we need to print documents, but a lot of times it’s a waste of paper. Before you print that email or document, ask yourself if you’ll need it long term. If not, save a tree by saving it digitally vs. printing it out.

We all call earth home, so we all should do our part to help take care of it! With a few small adjustments, we can make a difference, by making the office and the space we are in most of the day more environmentally friendly.


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