WPA3: Deploying WPA3 – What You Need to Know

As market adoption of WPA3 grows, it will eventually become the mandatory security certification for all Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ program has been available for certifications since June of 2018, and will likely become mandatory in the next year or so. While it will take a while for WPA3 to fully roll […]

WPA3: Why New Security Methods are Needed

Last week, we kicked off a new blog series about WPA3 in the enterprise. We took a brief look at the history of Wi-Fi security, most recently WPA2, and set the stage for WPA3. This week, we explore what makes WPA3 different from WPA2. While WPA2 may have served us well for many years, it […]

WPA3: A Look Back at How We Got This Far

Wi-Fi connectivity is an essential requirement for most businesses. Security of the network is a top priority, and with wireless networking celebrating its 20th anniversary, it’s clear the wireless industry recognizes that authentication and encryption protocols must evolve to guarantee the security of Wi-Fi communications moving forward. In June of 2018, nearly 14 years since […]

Skating to Where The Puck Will Be

The apocryphal quote from Wayne Gretsky that formed the title illustrates his winning strategy, which Aerohive shares. Customers choose Aerohive products because they solve today’s problems today, and because they have observed and continue to trust that Aerohive will have solutions for tomorrow’s problems before they encounter them. We understand that wireless connectivity is now […]