What’s The Biggest Cause Of Co-Channel Interference?

In my last blog, What is a Clear Channel Assessment?, we discussed the difference between the signal detect (SD) threshold and the energy detect (ED) thresholds used by Wi-Fi radios to determine if the RF medium is busy. The ED threshold is used to detect any non-Wi-Fi transmissions while the SD the threshold is used to […]

What is a Clear Channel Assessment (CCA)?

The CSMA/CA protocol utilizes a line of defense to ensure that any Wi-Fi radio does not transmit while another is already transmitting on the same channel. The 802.11-2016 standard defines a physical carrier sense mechanism to determine if the radio frequency (RF) medium is busy. Physical carrier sense is performed constantly by all Wi-Fi radios […]

What’s the Maximum Number of Devices For A Wi-Fi Access Point?

Chris and I discuss how many devices a single access point can provide access to along with design and configuration best practices for enterprise Wi-Fi.

Why is Upgrading Wi-Fi Clients/Devices Important?

Chris and I discuss the importance of upgrading end user devices when upgrading your enterprise WLAN network in a recent video.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Configuration Bells and Whistles

In this video,  Chris Harkins, Sr. Technical Instructor and I talk about configuration features like Load Balancing and when (or when not) to use them.

How Many SSIDs Should An Enterprise Wi-Fi Network Have?

David Coleman, CWNE#4 and Sr. Product Evangelist, and Chris Harkins, Sr. Technical Instructor discuss best practives on SSID design. If you’ve ever wondered why you shouldn’t use 16 SSIDs, be sure to watch this video.

Talking About WLPC With Jussi Kiviniemi

There are several conferences organized every year that focus on Wi-Fi. One of the biggest one is WLPC. Gregor Vucajnk (CWNE#96) and Jussi Kiviniemi from Ekahau talk about it what the conference is for, and why it’s useful.

The Evolution of Modern Wi-Fi

Every so often, Wi-Fi takes a big technology shift. In this video, David Coleman (CWNE #4) and Gregor Vucajnk (CWNE#96) discuss how Wi-Fi has evolved.

Video Explainer: What Is Aerohive Channel Selection Protocol (ACSP)?

David Coleman (CWNE#4 and distinguished networking books author) and Gregor Vucajnk (CWNE#96 and Director of Product Training at Aerohive networks) discuss how Aerohive APs select channels (ACSP).

Aerohive’s Dynamic eXtensible Networking Protocol (DXNP) Explained

David Coleman (CWNE#4 and distinguished networking author) and Gregor Vucajnk (CWNE#96 and Director of Product Training at Aerohive networks) discuss Dynamic eXtensible Networking Protocol (DXNP).