Top ‘Must Haves’ of Next-Generation Retail Wi-Fi

Treat Wi-Fi as a business enablement/business intelligence tool A device’s Wi-Fi signals can be anonymously detected and, due to the high-percentage of shoppers carrying Wi-Fi-equipped devices, can be used to accurately measure shopper behavior. The Aerohive Cloud Services solution platform includes open APIs that leverage Wi-Fi network data in applications that provide comprehensive retail analytics, […]

The Coolest New Tech at NRF 2019? We Think it’s HiveManager Shortcuts

A decade ago, a retail IT team was in charge of things you typically think of when it comes to IT. They had to maintain servers, keep the POS system running, and secure the network. Retail has evolved drastically in the past few years. Shoppers aren’t just shopping online. They’re browsing online, visiting stores, searching for […]

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Aerohive for Your Retail Wi-Fi Solution

Aerohive offers a complete ecosystem of products for retail environments. If you are looking to take your retail Wi-Fi solution to the next level for your employees and customers, we can offer everything you need. Our personalized engagement platform delivers a lot of value for your business operations beyond just Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to […]