Podcast: Turning Wi-Fi Into Business Intelligence

Michael O’Brien, VP of Global Channel Sales for Aerohive, was recently on POD 2112 discussing turning Wi-Fi into business intelligence.

How MSPs Can Simplify Multi-Tenancy Network Management

Aerohive has announced some key features for managed service providers to make managing their networks even easier!

Why Hospitality Service Providers Are Taking Their Business Forward With Aerohive

Hospitality service providers are taking note of Aerohive’s tiered solution offering that allows them to address the historically underserved value segment.

How Does An Organization Prepare Itself For Outsourced Wi-Fi?

As Wireless as a Service becomes the preferred model for many organizations, how do IT Directors/CIOs prepare for the transition?

CapEx and OpEx: How Outsourced Wi-Fi Changes IT Budgeting

Outsourced Wi-Fi allows IT directors to leverage the technical expertise of a MSP, while eliminating large capital expenditures that strain yearly budgets.

Like Plumbing And Electricity, Wi-Fi Has To Work

As Wi-Fi moves from a “nice to have” to a business requirement, organizations must make the design and management of it less of a burden.

Why Would An Organization Outsource Its Wi-Fi?

Learn first-hand from an IT Director how this role is being asked to do more with fewer resources. As needs grow, outsourcing Wi-Fi is making sense.

Deploying Wi-Fi As A Service Makes Sense, Here’s Why

This series from industry consultant, Craig Mathias, begins with a look at motivations for the NaaS trend, and how it’s evoled to include Wireless as a Service.

Can The Cloud And Outsourcing Make Wireless Networks More Secure?

Organizations that move wireless networks from on-premises to the cloud where they are managed by providers are benefitting from security gains.

Can Wi-Fi Help Retailers Build New Relationships With Customers?

Retailers already struggle to maintain relationships with their customers. So is Wi-Fi the answer to building new, or better, relationships with customers?