How AI and Machine Learning Impact Cloud-Managed Networking: EDUCATION Edition

In our recent blog posts, we’ve been looking at the roles AI and Machine Learning play in different industries, and how this technology is making an impact for network managers, business managers, partners, and customers. We’ve already covered Retail and Hospitality, and will be looking at education today. Over the past decade, a lot has […]

How AI and Machine Learning Impact Cloud-Managed Networking: HOSPITALITY Edition

We recently kicked off a series where we explore AI and Machine Learning, and how they will impact cloud-networking. Enterprise IT departments have been tasked with securing their networks for end-user devices, payment systems (PCI compliance), and IoT devices. In the hospitality industry, they must also be ready for guest access when it comes to […]

How AI and Machine Learning Impact Cloud-Managed Networking: RETAIL Edition

Predicting Future Demand: Retail has continued to push back against e-commerce, thanks to new technology that has drawn shoppers back in. AI technology will enable marketing departments to analyze store returns, receipts, and loyalty cards to predict future demand for apparel and accessories, as well as manage inventory. AI, combined with in-store Wi-Fi, can help […]

Key Industry Use Case Edition: Introduction to AI and Machine Learning for Cloud-Managed Networking

AI and Machine Learning are set to make a huge impact on enterprise networking over the next few years. As we continue to see exponential growth in the number of devices on our networks, we need additional tools to help manage and optimize how networks function. With the current IoT explosion, IT departments are looking for […]

Reinvent Network Management with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Every IT manager is generally after the same thing. They want increased security, a network that is easier to manage, and a better overall experience for end users. The problem is it’s usually near impossible to get all three. That is, until now. One of the key technologies driving the networks of tomorrow is artificial […]