What Benefits Does Dual 5 GHz Bring To 802.11ax?

Last week we discussed the 4×4:4 vs 8×8:8 debate with 802.11ax. This week I want to wrap up that debate and also highlight the benefits of dual 5 GHz support in 802.11ax APs. The Aerohive 802.11ax chipset provides for a 2.4 GHz (4×4:4) radio and a 5 GHz (4×4:4) radio. However, one of the radios […]

[Podcast] How 5GHz Can Offer A Silver Bullet For Wi-Fi Capacity

Aerohive’s Aren Gates and Bradley Chambers talk 5GHz benefits and how the Aerohive AP250 and AP550 APs both offer dual 5GHz capabilities.

A Flexible Approach To High-Performance Wi-Fi

Aerohive has extended Connect from a few APs, to a complete product line of Wave 2 access points with dual 5GHz radios, and high capacity, cloud-managed switches.

Did You Know Non-802.11 Devices Can Interfere With Your Wi-Fi?

In this installment of our Don’t Blame the Wi-Fi series, Eastman Rivai reveals how non-802.11 devices can interfere with connectivity.

Why You Might Be Paying Double for 802.11ac Wave 2

Is 802.11ac Wave 2 providing as-advertised benefits? Not when it comes to 2×2 Wave 2 APs, which offer the same speed as Wave 1 but at a higher price.

Suffering From Wi-Fi Congestion? Dual 5 GHz Radios Can Help

With the 2.4Ghz band being difficult to implement cleanly, a dual 5Ghz access point can provide needed capacity.

Designing WLANS: What If We Could Double Our Airtime At 5GHz?

Because the 5GHz band offers more frequency space and cleaner RF, it’s time to rethink discussions about designing for capacity and airtime consumption.