Simplifying GDPR Compliance: Better Options For Customers And Channel Partners

As many of our customers and partners kick off their 2018 plans, those in the European Union are facing potentially big changes as they finalize their compliance planning for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Aerohive Announces SD-WAN Solution and XR200P Router

Aerohive changed the enterprise Wi-Fi market when it announced a cloud-managed solution. It also changed how we think about the LAN when it introduced SD-LAN. Now, it’s changing how multiple sites are managed and monitored with its SD-WAN solution.

Aerohive Announces Exciting OEM Partnership with Dell EMC

Aerohive has announced a global OEM agreement with Dell EMC.

How Cloud-Managed Switch Stacking Just Got Radically Simpler

Aerohive’s Cloud-Managed Switch Stacking solution is a cloud-managed stacking technology for Aerohive and Broadcom switches.

SD-LAN Is All About Future Proofing Your Wireless Network

SD-LAN offers a number of beneficial attributes for the next-generation networks of the digitally transformed enterprise. Read why.

How Custom-Ordered Wi-Fi Means Enterprise Connectivity For Everyone

WLAN choices have been all or none. In response, Aerohive created an affordable entry-point: 802.11ac Wi-Fi for 1/3 the price of competing vendors.

Beyond Connectivity: How Can Wi-Fi Use Apps For Insights?

Connectivity is a given for a modern WLAN network. The value and ROI of new Wi-Fi deployment are the apps and insights on top of the network.

What Does Secure Wi-Fi Look Like In 2017?

For all the positives that Wi-Fi coverage can bring, IT administrators also must consider the security precautions around staff and guest Wi-Fi.

The 5 Economic Advantages To Life Without Wi-Fi Controllers

There are a lot of technical reasons for moving away from controller-based WLAN solutions, but what impact does controller-less Wi-Fi have on the price?

Controllers Are Dead (And Why)

All technology has its time. For WLAN controllers, it’s long been time for IT managers to move to controller-less enterprise W-Fi solutions.