Other Considerations With AVC

In addition to keeping your network running smoothly as it prioritizes important traffic, AVC (application visibility and control) features can offer information that can be used to help teachers and administrators understand what is actually happening on the network. A good solution will give you the ability to see exactly how your bandwidth is being […]

What is Application Visibility and Control?

What Is AVC? Application Visibility and Control, or AVC, is one feature out of the multiple elements that should be considered when you are looking at a Wi-Fi solution. This feature delivers complete Layer 7 awareness, where applications, user authentication, and privacy are handled, among other critical services. AVC enables the ability to see what […]

When Wi-Fi Needs Change Quickly: Enter Aerohive Atom AP30

As an industry, we often like to think of enterprise-grade wireless networks as somewhat static. They are planned for, designed, installed, verified, and then maintained (firmware upgrades, policy changes, etc.). We forget that, in practice, this is not the case. For instance, capacity needs change, employees move offices, new departments are created, and countless other […]

Aerohive Atom AP30: My New Favorite Access Point

I came into the IT world when 802.11n was the primary Wi-Fi technology being used. Even back then, I always thought that wireless technology was racing towards a single common purpose: making deployments and management simpler. One of the challenges that I’ve had (and I know others have as well) is dealing with legacy cabling […]

How SD-LAN Is Changing the LAN Landscape

As SD-LAN begins to hit more enterprise networks, it’s going to change the way IT administrators deploy, manage, and troubleshoot forever.

The Network: Are You Safe From An IoT Device Hack?

With IoT devices, networks must remain flexible to contain security challenges. How maintain an adaptable network while remaining secure?

Ask The Experts: 8 Wi-Fi Tips About Aerohive Deployments

Aerohive end users and internal experts share a list of Wi-Fi tips for Aerohive WLAN deployments. This post focuses on Aerohive deployments.

What Real World Wi-Fi Performance Looks Like

When comparing access points from different vendors, how do customers determine which is the fastest, and which architecture is the most reliable?