IT Departments: Secure Your Access Network with Aerohive’s A3 NAC Solution

This overview video explains the benefits of Aerohive A3 for IT departments. A3 is the industry’s first cloud-managed solution to control network access and secure all devices, wireless or wired, corporate, guest, BYOD and IoT across your enterprise network. With A3’s advanced feature set and cloud management, it provides the efficiency, flexibility and scalability needed […]

How to Secure IoT Devices with Aerohive A3

Are you struggling with IoT security and device management? Are you still wondering how to secure IoT devices based on all the information you’ve read in the news? Let’s take a closer look at how the next generation Secure Access Management with Aerohive A3 can help IT managers boost network security and control for a […]

Secure Access Management with A3 – Now With Cloud Management

Earlier today, we announced that cloud management is now available for our A3 Secure Access Management solution. If you are new to A3, you can watch an on demand demo to learn more. First launched in May 2018 as an on-premises solution, A3 brings a comprehensive, yet simplified,  approach to IoT, BYOD, corporate, and guest device onboarding, provisioning, and […]

Aerohive A3 Walkthrough

A3 provides complete functionality for securing, managing and controlling all devices on your access network – from standard wired and wireless clients, to IoT and BYOD. Its streamlined workflows and intuitive user interface greatly reduce the operational complexity and cost typically associated with competitive offerings. Watch a demo of Aerohive A3 and experience what it’s […]

Network Access Security – a simplified view

Over the last year, network security has come back into focus in a big way. Organizations are implementing upgraded security measures to make sure their data is safe. Client devices are targeted all the time, making the networks they join vulnerable. If any of these devices join your network, they can infect it – causing […]

Aerohive A3: Helping IT Radically Simplify Access Management

In the IT world, I’ve watched the two massive shifts in my career. When I first entered it, it was workstation mode. Employees came into the office, logged into desktop computers, and did their work. We eventually moved to the mobility era with smartphones and tablets. That era took us to where we are now. We are currently […]

Aerohive introduces A3: A better way to secure all devices on the access network – including IoT!

We are very excited to launch A3, Aerohive’s entry into the secure access management market. A3 is a powerful solution, that includes very comprehensive functionality for onboarding, authentication and network access control, for ALL devices on the access network. That includes wired and wireless corporate clients like laptops, the BYOD that employees bring onto the […]