What Are The Goals of The 802.11ax Standard?

Last time, we looked how at 802.11ax is going to address common Wi-Fi problems. Before getting more into HOW it’s going to do all these things we need to go back to the basics for a minute. As a reminder, RF is a half-duplex medium, which means that only one radio can transmit on a […]

How Does 802.11ax Address Common Problems With Wi-Fi?

802.11n and 802.11ac introduced some great new technology including PHY and MAC layer enhancements that helped achieve higher data rates. In essence, we built bigger highways and faster cars.

How To Pick Which Access Point Is Best For Your Network

Last time, we looked at how 802.11ac has become the industry standard since its ratification in 2014. For the first half of 2018, 802.11ac Wave 2 is the latest option for speed gains, with theoretical bandwidth over 1 Gbps. However, towards the middle of 2018, a new standard — 802.11ax will be released that focuses […]

Introducing Industry’s First Family of Enterprise 802.11ax Access Points

Abby Strong, VP of Products & Marketing and David Coleman, Aerohive Product Evangelist and CWNE#4, introducing industry’s first family of enterprise 802.11ax access points. Aerohive intends to deliver three new models in mid-2018. The new 802.11ax Wi-Fi access points – AP630, AP650, and AP650X – are 802.11ax-capable as well as being fully compatible with existing […]

Aerohive Announces Three 802.11ax Access Points

When I first became an Aerohive customer in 2012, I knew that I was buying into a platform that was built for the future. By bypassing legacy hardware (WLAN controllers), Aerohive would always be able to stay ahead of the curve with new hardware products and new software. By leveraging a cloud-management platform, Aerohive could […]

What Benefits Does 802.11ax Bring for IT Administrators?

David Coleman (CWNE#4) discusses 802.11ax in this latest video.

Learning About 802.11ax At Aerohive HQ

We enjoyed having our customers and partners join us for a free learning opportunity today. Our guests learned about the upcoming 802.11ax standard as well as how to setup 802.1x security and authentication.

When Will The 802.11ax Standard Be Complete?

Since 802.11ax is near completion, we take a look at the timeline for certification, production, and availability of the newest Wi-Fi standard.

What Opportunities And Challenges Come With 802.11ax?

In this series, we analyze the features, benefits, and positioning of the forthcoming 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard and what it means to organizations.

802.11ax: What’s Next In Wi-Fi?

What’s ahead for Wi-Fi standards? We take a look at 802.11ax, expected by early 2018, and what it means for the never-ending demand for bandwidth.