Staying Healthy And Flu-Free At The Hive

ixty-eight (68) HQ Bees were vaccinated against the flu on Tuesday, Oct. 18.  And only three (3) of them fainted!  …. Just kidding.
As part of our wellness program, Aerohive offered flu shots to all HQ employees.  Shots were provided from 10 to 2 p.m. in our Training by registered Safeway nurses.
These inoculations were paid for by our medical insurance providers.
We thank all Bees who participated in this program.  If you have any questions about flu shots, our wellness program or medical insurance coverage, please contact Paige Slautterback.

Health and safety are important to Aerohive. This fall we have been making CPR & first aid training available to Aerohive employees (see CPR Certification Means Safety First At The Hive). And now, in our latest healthy-and-safety program, we are helping to ensure Hive members are as flu-free as possible. This month we held a flu-shot clinic for HQ-based employees, and sixty-eight brave Bees were vaccinated. The flu is no fun, but being is healthy is! Stay tuned for more updates on healthy-and-safety days here at the Hive.


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