Starting A Wi-Fi Tracking Project? How You Use Your Data Is Key.

Data is incredibly important for driving business change, but first there needs to be a cultural change to ensure that data is collected and used properly. Too often ‘old’ mindsets mean that organisations miss the true value of their data. Facilities managers often focus on a very small subset of metrics because that’s all they have ever needed.

That is not to say that every item of raw data is inherently useful. Data must be manipulated before it can become useful. At the beginning of any Wi-Fi tracking project, stakeholders need to decide what it is they want to achieve, and how they are going to do it.

Ask yourself: Do you need to include legacy data in your analysis, or just the new information to meet those goals? And most importantly of all, do you know how to turn raw data into actionable insights?

Because if you don’t use all of the available data effectively, your business will not survive. It’s that simple.

– Rick Hartwig, Sector Head – Built Environment, The Institution of Engineering and Technology


Becoming a connected enterprise is key to achieving digital transformation – doing business differently and remaining competitive in an unpredictable market. To make these changes, businesses need to be able to collect and analyse data about their operations so they can make informed strategic decisions.

The modern enterprise has mostly overcome the first barrier to digital transformation by figuring out how to capture data from every aspect of their operations. They now need to decide how to analyse and use it effectively.

There will always be questions about establishing the business case for deploying Wi-Fi tracking and connected enterprise technologies, but ultimately those organisations who don’t get on board will not survive.

To defend against disruptive start-ups, established businesses will need to improve their internal operations to stay competitive. They will also need deeper insight into processes if they are to develop the disruptive tendencies required to compete in the modern marketplace.

– Adnan Erriade, Director of Retail Industry and Mobility Solutions UK&I SAP


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