Simplifying GDPR Compliance: Better Options For Customers And Channel Partners

As many of our customers and partners kick off their 2018 plans, those in the European Union are facing potentially big changes as they finalize their compliance planning for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR replaces the former Data Protection Directive and is designed to bring unity to data protection and privacy laws across European Union member states – protecting and enhancing the rights and powers of all EU citizens in regards to their personal information. Any company that stores/processes personal information about individuals within EU states must comply with the GDPR (even if they do not have a business presence within the EU). Though there is still some debate around implications and further guidance is expected through national data protection authorities until the May 25th deadline, organizations should now be well on their way to identifying a compliance plan for their people, processes and systems. 

Aerohive® is committed to helping its customers and partners meet the specific requirements of GDPR, backed by a strong history of compliance with HIPAA and PCI DSS. In fact, thanks to the flexibility of our solution design, Aerohive is uniquely positioned to help customers meet the requirements, and help resellers and managed service providers present more compliant solutions to their customers. Aerohive’s commitment to deployment flexibility gives you more options for control over your data and therefore more options than with other vendors to be compliant: 

Public Cloud
Aerohive’s data center strategy means we offer numerous regional data centers around the world for our HiveManager® NG Public Cloud solution including in Ireland and Germany. This means your data can be located only within the EU, or even specifically within one country if you want to really restrict your data movement for a local use case.

Private Cloud
For customers who want a bit more control to converge with the compliance of other systems, Aerohive also offers a HiveManager NG instance in a private-cloud model. This model provides the very same benefits of the public cloud option, but in a completely segregated environment where the server infrastructure is not shared with other clients. The private cloud model also gives managed service providers the opportunity to serve up a hyper-local offering via their own regionalized data centers for those with the strictest of requirements or toughest of use cases. 

Aerohive also enables HiveManager NG to be deployed in your own data center for complete control. This way your data never leaves your campus and you can apply your own local processes and security measures per your own preferences.

We are also busy building enhanced tools into HiveManager NG to make it easier for customers to access the information they may want to extract to evidence compliance and respond to any information requests. Tools will include the ability to quickly find information on a particular client and export it from the cloud environment or on-premises HiveManager NG installation, or to quickly delete customer data if they request it. Of course, HiveManager NG supports this data discovery right now, but with these new streamlined tools we are going to make it even easier for IT personnel whose lives are going to get just that little bit harder with GDPR.

May 25th, 2018 will be here before we know it, and Aerohive will be ready for its customers and channel partners to rise to the challenge.  

Roy Verboeket is a Wi-Fi professional with 15 years of experience. Before entering the world of Wi-Fi he worked for the Dutch Military forces as a radio engineer and communications specialist. After leaving the armed forces, Roy has held several positions in various companies ranging from Implementation and design up to Product management for various Vendors in the Market driving innovation and growth. Roy now holds the position of Director of Systems Engineering EMEA & ANZA at Aerohive Networks, a Pioneering company in cloud-managed Wi-Fi, delivering some of the companies largest projects.

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