Secure Access Management with A3 – Now With Cloud Management

Earlier today, we announced that cloud management is now available for our A3 Secure Access Management solution. If you are new to A3, you can watch an on demand demo to learn more. First launched in May 2018 as an on-premises solution, A3 brings a comprehensive, yet simplified,  approach to IoT, BYOD, corporate, and guest device onboarding, provisioning, and network access control.

Our latest release of A3 introduces cloud-based monitoring for all of your sites. Localized tasks like device onboarding and access control enforcement will continue to be executed by on-site enforcement nodes, which can now be centrally managed from the cloud. Both the A3 engine and A3 cloud management are vendor-agnostic and support integration and enforcement with Aerohive and competitive networks alike.

In addition, the latest release of Aerohive A3 includes significant feature additions that further simplify its operation It includes automated GUI-based configuration of a complete A3 platform cluster in six clicks, as opposed to traditional solutions that require tedious CLI-based configuration procedures for the same task. Aerohive A3 is the modern secure access management solution that IT departments have been waiting for since the rush towards mobility began a decade ago

Cloud management of A3 accelerates our mission to radically simplify access networking and information security operations while reducing cost and complexity for IT departments.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also excited to announce that cloud management is available to A3 customers for no additional charge.

Aerohive A3 is competitively priced with a base fee of $9,999 with an optional, add-on fee for high-availability/ high-performance clustering ($9,999 for 2 additional nodes). A tiered subscription fee, including support, with 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year licensing terms. Subscription pricing starts at $7,000 for a 1-year license, with up to 1,000 concurrently active endpoints.

A3 was built from the ground up as one integrated solution and is designed to streamline workflows and simplify the user experience. As a result, it significantly reduces the operational complexity and expense that is associated with traditional solutions. The impact on day-to-day operations is enormous for customers and partners, as it allows them to configure, deploy and manage A3 in less time, and with less training and outside consulting resources they would otherwise have to invest.

Are you ready to try it out? Contact Aerohive for additional information!


Kathleen Hedde drives product marketing and channel adoption for Aerohive’s A3 secure access management solution, cloud networking platform, managed services programs (MSP/HSP/SP), and open API platform.

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