[Podcast] How 5GHz Can Offer A Silver Bullet For Wi-Fi Capacity

On the latest Out of School podcast, Aerohive Technical Marketing Engineer Aren Gates joins Bradley Chambers to chat about the benefits of 5GHz

During their chat, Aren talks about Aerohive’s dual-5GHz AP 550 and AP 250 APs, which have software definable radios (SDRs) that can be used for either 2.4GHz, or a second 5GHz radio. Why does that matter? Because Wi-Fi environments can become quite challenging when too many 2.4GHz radios are deployed, and being able to automatically turn off redundant 2.4GHz radios reduces co-channel interference (CCI). 


At Aerohive, we help IT radically simplify wireless and wired access with Cloud Networking. Our technology is sophisticated yet straightforward, offers unrivaled choice and flexibility, and continually solves real world problems with continuous innovations.

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