Ploeger Logistics Secures its New Warehouse Infrastructure and Increases Productivity with Aerohive’s Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solution

Ploeger Logistics is a family business and provides logistics and transportation for its clients on a contract basis, both nationally and internationally. Their services include storage and inventory management, handling and shipment preparation, groupage, forwarding, cross-docking and dedicated transport. They have a total of 325 employees and 195 transport units, which operate daily on Dutch and European roads. With the construction of its new warehouse, Ploeger Logistics is ready for the future.

“If the warehouse employees do not have a fast network connection, they cannot work. For us, it is just as bad as a power failure: no orders can be sent and received, and communication cannot take place. A stable and reliable network has become a primary requirement for our warehouse.” – Jonathan Kuiper, Planning and Control Coordinator

Ploeger Logistics’ new warehouse was a challenge to implement effectively, but Aerohive’s technology was up to the task. Our regional partner, DWE ICT, designed the network and was tasked with rolling it out quickly. The key thing: the network had to work in one go. The employees of the warehouse move and operate through all paths and between racks while using the network. The connection has to work in the highest point of the warehouse where employees scan products. This makes it a requirement that the access points work together cooperatively to seamlessly take over the connection from one another. The Wi-Fi network is used for order picking, among many other moving parts from a logistical standpoint. For example, products have to be scanned when they enter the lorries, and these scanners are linked to inventory management via the internet.

Key theme: It’s mission critical that the network works.

To see how the Ploeger Logistics project went, how the products were used, as well as the end results, we invite you to read the entire case study.


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