Next Generation Schools Have a Change Agent To Innovate for the Future

In this episode of Out of School, Fraser and Bradley discuss The Chromebook C, the LAUSD settlement with Apple, and chapter 8 and 9 of Diffusions of Innovations. Chapters 8 and 9 cover The Diffusion Network and The Change Agent.

The LAUSD settlement with Apple stems back from a large iPad program. Bradley wrote an article a year ago to cover his perspectice for Macworld. TL;DR: It was a lack of vision on the side of LAUSD. 

The Chrombook C looks interesting, but it feels like a rushed product to compete with iPad Pro.

As the series on Diffusions of Innovations winds down, the host discuss The Diffusion Network and The Change Agent. Diffusion networks are about the process by which ideas and innovations are spread among a social system. A change agent is a person from inside or outside the organization who helps an organization transform itself by focusing on such matters as organizational effectiveness, improvement, and development.

Out of School is a syndicated podcast series about education and technology and is run by Bradley Chambers (@bradleychambers), Director of Information Technology for Brainerd Baptist School, and Fraser Speirs (@fraserspeirs), Head of Computing and IT at Cedars School of Excellence.

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