ML-Driven Traffic Insights Available with HiveManager’s Location-Based Services

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) and other location tracking technology have long been utilized within organizations looking to use business intelligence to learn more about effective planograms in retail, asset tracking, and other location-based analytics. The problem is that they are typically complex to deploy, expensive to purchase, and cumbersome to use.

Today, we’re excited to announce Traffic Insights as a new feature inside HiveManager. Using this new feature, Aerohive customers can use their existing Wi-Fi network to get graphical information and analysis of connected clients’ movement patterns across customer-defined zones. This technology leverages the Bluetooth LE (BLE) support inside our access points.

IT departments can also track individual clients or assets by their location and their movement over a period of time. These features add more details to Aerohive’s already existing industry-leading AI- and ML-driven management capabilities. Businesses in several industries, such as retail, will benefit by using Traffics Insights to analyze their asset usage patterns to optimize their operations for layout, placement of their planograms, and demand planning.

Our Atom AP30, which is a pluggable enterprise-grade access point, can provide additional advantage by allowing increased Wi-Fi and BLE coverage in remote areas and along the high traffic paths. Atom AP30s are very easy to install and, when used in conjunction with Traffic Insights, will provide increased location accuracy and traffic path visibility of clients and assets.

We’ve been working on this feature for a while, and we’ve been waiting to show it off. We can’t wait to see what our customers will do with it!


Aerohive simplifies and secures your network using a cloud-managed solution with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. AI-driven innovation enables customers to discover untapped business insights, allowing them to implement informed decisions based on these predictive analytics, while providing unrivalled flexibility in deployment, management and licensing of cloud-managed wireless, switching, routing and security solutions.

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