May 20th is World Bee Day!

Today is World Bee Day. Because it’s our mascot, we’d never miss an opportunity to talk about the bees and their importance.

Bees are essential for the world as they significantly contribute to the world’s food supply. A third of food in the world depends on pollination and bees play the most critical role in this process. Bees are increasingly endangered. In Europe, extinction threatens nearly 1/10th of all bee species. In 2016, the number of honey bee colonies decreased by 1/3rd in the United States. The leading causes of bee endangerment are: disease, lack of food source, pesticides, and the growth of cities (shrinks their habitat).

May is the month of bees are on the move around the world. During this month, bees are reproducing in the northern hemisphere. In the southern region, bee products are being harvested.

How can you help? You can plant honey plants in your gardens or net up a nesting box on your balcony. You can also mow your grass in the evening as to not disturb the bees. Also, avoid pesticides that are harmless to bees and spray plants in the evening when bees back at their hive. Finally, be sure to support local beekeepers by buying local honey.

May 20th is World Bee Day, and let’s do all we can to protect this important part of our world. You can find more information at


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