Lending A Helping Hand To Habitat For Humanity

The Hive pulled together in support of Habitat for Humanity earlier this month when more than thirty bees volunteered to help with two important projects. Some people prepped playhouse pieces for the Playhouse Program, while others painted a mobile home as part of the organization’s home-repair program.

Habitat for Humanity’s Playhouse Program provides community charities and families with life-size children’s playhouses. We cut playhouse pieces from raw plywood, base-painted pieces of the playhouse, and machined windows and doors so that everything was ready for final assembly.

The Home Repair program helps families preserve their home by painting the exterior walls. The home repair bees spent a few hours climbing ladders and painting, and having some fun with colleagues in the process of giving back.

The Hive will be out in force again in February 2017. Please enjoy some photos documenting what was a very rewarding day! 


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