ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights August 25 2017

ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights is a weekly roundup of relevant technology posts from around the web.

Hacked replacement touchscreens could hijack your smartphone  


A new study has found that when replacement touch screens are embedded with a malicious chip, they can be used to compromise your smartphone. Ars Technica reports that a new paper, published by the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, includes simulated attacks on two Android devices: a Huawei Nexus 6P and LG G Pad 7.0. Researchers were able to take control of the devices by using a malicious chip embedded into a third-party touch screen.

Our thoughts: Anti-virus programs can’t detect this kind of hack.

Apple may soon let you rent movies fresh from the theater

Prominent movie studios like Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures could potentially partner with distributors like Apple and Comcast to offer digital rentals, according to a Bloomberg report Friday. After months of negotiating, the film studios so far have been unable to reach a deal with theater chains that would give them a share of revenue from such a plan. But the studios may go ahead with the project anyway, the report said.

Our thoughts: For people who can’t easily make it to the movie theatre, this would be a great option.

FBI reportedly advising companies to ditch Kaspersky apps

Kaspersky Lab’s tussle with the US government could have ramifications for its dealings with the private sector. A new report claims the FBI has been meeting with companies to warn them of the threat posed by the cybersecurity firm. The briefings are the latest chapter in an ongoing saga concerning the use of Kaspersky’s products by government agencies. Officials claim the company is a Russian stooge that can’t be trusted with protecting America’s critical infrastructure. The company denies these claims — its CEO Eugene Kaspersky has even offered up its source code in a bid to clear his firm’s name.

Our thoughts: This company makes a popular anti-virus program, but many people will likely move away from it.




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