How To Install A Wallplate AP & Switch In Less Than 2 Minutes

Today we are excited to launch the AP150W, a new Cloud-managed, wallplate 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point/Switch combo. It’s got a 3×3:3 radio configuration, integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and ZigBee IoT connectivity.

That’s a lot of cool stuff squeezed into such a small form factor, for an even lower price than rival solutions!

The AP150W comes with a very stylish stand for those that want to desk mount it, but we expect most people to take advantage of its Ethernet jack wall mount with effortless deployment.

For any MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit), hospitality provider, higher education dorm room, long term healthcare unit, or retailer, the AP150W provides simple to deploy, high performance, and flexible Cloud-managed connectivity and power for user devices, VoIP phones, IoT sensors, cameras etc.

Check out this introductory product video to see what it’s all about:

If you think the AP150W is fast with its Netflix streaming, VoIP phone calling, and video conference-capable 802.11ac Wave 2 speeds of 1.3Gbps, wait til you see how fast it can be installed… in fact, let’s show you right now!

Read the press release and learn more about the AP150W here.


Mat Edwards is Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Aerohive where he helps drive strategy and vision for Aerohive's wireless LAN solutions.

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