How To Engage Customers Through Guest Wi-Fi

By guest author, Andrea Calcagno 

In our previous articles in this series, we looked at actionable data, and how Wi-Fi is driving a connected retail experience. In this installment, Andrea Calcagno explains how Wi-Fi can help brick-and-morter stores improve the customer experience.

Digital retailers have enjoyed the benefits of combining market information with customer behavior data and analytics for years. But it’s been far more difficult for physical stores to enjoy the benefits of a close relationship with customers – to find out all about them and improve their experience.

Now it’s becoming much easier to engage with customers through modern Wi-Fi infrastructures. We’ve found that people who use Wi-Fi in stores are generally over 15 and under 45. They want to go online to, for example, check details about items, compare prices, and read reviews. They also might want to speak to friends on their social network about clothes they like, and send status updates from stores.

All this information can be gathered to help retailers improve the customer experience. Obviously, customer behavior and purchase decisions can then be influenced. At the same time, retailers can increase customer loyalty and expand their presence on social networks.

Combining market information with customer data such as age, gender, devices being used, as well as real-time behaviors such as location and online conversations, allows retailers to design customer interactions in line with their business strategies – such as proximity marketing, sending relevant coupons, or personalised discounts.

The flow of customer traffic around the store at specific times can also be monitored and compared with data to influence business strategies. A rounded operational and business perspective can be gained, which further improves the customer or visitor experience, then leads to more sales.

Andrea Calcagno, is the CEO and Co-Founder of guest Wi-Fi provider Cloud4Wi


organizations are constantly looking for new business intelligence to increase operational efficiency, revenue and competitive advantage.organizations are constantly looking for new business intelligence to increase operational efficiency, revenue and competitive advantage.

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