How To Configure Windows 2012 Active Directory With HiveManager NG

In this video, Aerohive senior technical support engineer Ruwan Indika provides a few helpful tips based questions frequently asked by Aerohive customers in the process of setting up a HiveManager along with Microsoft Active Directory.

  • He provides a step by step guide on how to setup a WPA2 enterprise SSID (RADIUS authenticated) using Aerohive HiveManager NG.
  • He shows how to configure Windows 2012 server active directory, certificate authority and Network policy server(RADIUS) starting from a fresh windows server installation, which the Aerohive AP is gong to use for authenticating Wi-Fi clients.
  • And he shows how to verify that the RADIUS authentication is working properly using Wireshark packet capture tool.

Ruwan Indika is a senior technical support engineer at Aerohive. Ruwan has Worked 10+ years in the networking industry. Holds a Wireless Networks Expert certification (CWNE#175) and a master’s degree in communications engineering.

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