How Making Network Analytics Tools Smarter Helps Network Admins Optimize Network Performance

We are excited to announce comparative analytics today. Why the excitement? Comparative analytics is an industry innovation: a big data toolset that shows you how your network is doing, compared to others. This additional context provides smarter network performance analytics for network admins, to assist them in proactively tuning network performance.

To explain comparative analytics, let’s first take a step back. The dashboard in HiveManager NG presents a wealth of network performance data about the devices, clients and applications on a customer’s network. This is of course valuable information, but wouldn’t it be great to know how your own network is doing compared to other customers’ networks? Just like the comparison of one’s electricity and water usage against other households, like most of us see on our utility bills.

Comparative analytics does exactly that. It leverages big data technology and Aerohive’s cloud networking platform to compare a customer’s performance metrics against the average, anonymized metrics of other Aerohive Wi-Fi deployments. With that, network admins can recognize and address network performance issues proactively, before they even become noticeable for the employees and users on the network. This allows admins to keep their networks running at peak performance, and keeps users satisfied – a win-win for everyone!

Comparative analytics will initially contain network performance metrics, like number of clients with poor health, or WAN latency, and will be expanded through 2018. Stay tuned for this innovative feature as it gets rolled out in Europe in October, Australia and Asia in November and in North America in December.

Watch the video below to see Norival Figueira, director of PLM for HiveManager NG, demo comparative analytics.


Kathleen Hedde drives product marketing and channel adoption for Aerohive’s A3 secure access management solution, cloud networking platform, managed services programs (MSP/HSP/SP), and open API platform.

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