How Custom-Ordered Wi-Fi Means Enterprise Connectivity For Everyone

Imagine a world where the only kind of restaurants were all-you-can-eat buffets – at one fat and flat price. This is not a happy thought for most of us. Why? Because different people have different appetites and different budgets. There is no one size fits all. Connect is relevant for organizations that have limited IT resources such as hospitality, hotspots, and small- and medium-sized companies.

The same thing holds true when it comes to WLAN solutions.

While there are many WLAN customers that need a full-fledged, premium enterprise WLAN solution (think buffet meal), there are others who need enterprise-class connectivity but with just the most essential features and a cost-effective price tag (think custom-built pizza).

The problem is, the available WLAN choices across the industry have been all or none: Either full-featured, expensive, enterprise wireless connectivity, or inexpensive but inadequate SOHO solutions.

Neither option caters to organizations that have more basic needs.

With this issue in mind, Aerohive created an affordable entry-point for customers, offering enterprise 802.11ac Wi-Fi starting at a little over $200 – that’s a third of the price of other vendors.

The solution is Aerohive Connect, and we’ve added it to our existing menu of options. Customers can choose either the new “essentials edition” (Aerohive Connect) or the existing full-suite solution (Aerohive Select).

Who needs low-cost, enterprise Wi-Fi?

Aerohive Connect is geared toward organizations that simply require reliable connectivity, centralized management tools, affordability, and the option to easily upgrade their services and features if needed.

This is relevant for organizations that have limited IT resources such as hospitality, hotspots, and small- and medium-sized companies. Also, MSPs (managed service providers) charged with supporting these types of deployments are also interested in this balanced approach to enterprise Wi-Fi.

What’s in the package:

  • HiveManager Connect: Cloud management with focused feature set for simpler networks and connectivity use-cases. Connect has been forged using the same tools used to build Aerohive’s flagship HiveManager NG. Unlike HiveManager NG, it has been shaped to suit the needs of the connectivity-oriented customer for a tailored, sophisticated experience with reduced operational complexity.
  • Superior Support: Forum-based interactive support community, online tools and resources, and email support. The optional callback service provides customers with phone access to Aerohive’s support team.Enterprise WLAN choices have been all or none. In response, Aerohive has created an affordable entry-point: 802.11ac Wi-Fi for 1/3 the price of competing vendors.

Problems solved by Connect

Until now, organizations that only need basic connectivity are forced to choose either a mediocre SOHO solution, or a pricey over-the-top enterprise solution with a host of features that they may never touch.

Connect includes all the necessary features needed for robust Wi-Fi.

For example, Connect provides cloud-managed connectivity built on Aerohive’s industry-first cooperative control Wi-Fi focused on optimizing speed and resilience.

The same AP technology used in Aerohive’s largest and most demanding deployments, and HiveOS are at the heart of the solution.

HiveManager Connect encompasses indispensable features such as:

  • Guided network configuration
  • Secure SSID options (802.1X, PSK)
  • Network device and client monitoring
  • Integrated RF planning tools.

What’s more – Aerohive Connect is suitable for Wi-Fi deployments of any size – be it one location or thousands of locations. Be it one device or 100,000 devices. When it comes to scalability, the sky is the limit.

Scalability: Providing a path forward

What happens when your business grows larger and you want to replace your existing low-end Wi-Fi solution with a full-featured solution?

The problem is, few vendors provide both product offerings, and those that do, offer no easy path to move between products if a customer outgrows their current deployment.

However, Aerohive Connect allows for upgrade flexibility, meaning customers can move up from Connect to Select with very little effort. There is zero touch to network hardware, device configurations, and device firmware.

In the same vein, technical support is built into the offering as multiple tiers connected by easy upgrade paths.

In my next post, we’ll take a closer look at the HiveManager Connect GUI.

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Devyani is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aerohive where she helps drive marketing strategy, adoption and overall success of Aerohive's wired and wireless LAN solutions.

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