How Cloud-Managed Switch Stacking Just Got Radically Simpler

Network designers for campus networks are often faced with two competing interests: maximizing scalability and optimizing performance. How do you find the right balance? This is where switch stacking comes into the picture (or the wiring closet, to be more precise), with the promise of efficiency and ease of management.

Compared with the use of multiple standalone switches, stacking technology provides several advantages related to simplicity, scalability, flexibility, and redundancy. Unfortunately, configuring and managing switch stacks is often laborious and cumbersome. No gain without pain, right?

What if switch stack management were profoundly simple and easy to use?

Today we are thrilled to launch our Cloud-Managed Switch Stacking solution. It is the industry’s first cloud-managed stacking technology for Aerohive and Broadcom FASTPATH-based switches. You can now easily configure and manage switch stack settings, customize exceptions, and push bulk device configurations to multiple switch stacks with ease and efficiency using the intuitive, cloud-based HiveManager NG UI.

Under the hood, switching platforms such as Aerohive’s SR2300 access switches are embedded with a special agent-based application called ‘HiveAgent’. The HiveAgent communicates over a secure SSL connection with HiveManager NG and offers near-real-time configuration and extensive visibility and reporting. This is a novel approach to network management and a progressive shift from the traditional SNMP management approach that is often rigid and delay-prone.

With the HiveAgent communicator in the cloud and the embedded HiveAgent software at the other end, any manufacturer of Broadcom FASTPATH-based switches can similarly and easily enable near-real-time configuration, in-depth visibility, faster reporting, SSH-troubleshooting access, and secure management traffic communication via the Aerohive Cloud.

With our Cloud-Managed Switch Management, we went on an unprecedented mission to change the way switches around the world can fundamentally be managed. The result is for you to see.

Watch this video to learn about some of the cool new features and the streamlined user experience of switch stacking.

Learn more about Aerohive’s Cloud-Managed Switch Stacking here.

Devyani is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aerohive where she helps drive marketing strategy, adoption and overall success of Aerohive's wired and wireless LAN solutions.

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