Holiday Gift Guide 2016 (For Tech Geeks) Part 4: Home

Gift Idea: iRoller

Who Wants It: Neil McRae (Aerohive Field Sales)

Why They Want It: Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone a MacBook or iPad: At some point the screen becomes dirty. This is such a simple, easy-to-use, and effective techie tool.

Gift Idea: Electric toothbrush with audio/memory card

Who Wants It: Bonnie (Aerohive Finance)

Why They Want It: Do you find it boring to brush your teeth and watch the time tick away? That’s all in the past: Pick your favorite song from the toothbrush’s playlist and start brushing your teeth with your favorite song! You will want to keep going on till the song ends.

Gift Idea: Personal Brewery

Who Wants It: Rhys (Aerohive Regional Sales Director)

Why They Want It: Some would say this requires no explanation. But quite simply, for an initial time investment of one hour, and daily pressure checks for seven days, you will have your own cold, fresh beer off the tap for half the price of store-bought beer! Who doesn’t want that for Christmas? I just hope Santa can fit it in his sleigh!

Gift Idea: The Juicero Press

Who Wants It: Douglas (Aerohive Systems Engineer)

Why They Want It: Techie, yet healthy. This is the world’s first counter-top cold press juicer, with no clean up! It’s kind of like K-cups, but for juicing. While it exerts up to four tons of force, it’s also equipped with both Wi-Fi and a QR code reader!

Gift Idea: Cardio Chek Starter Cholesterol Analyzer kit

Who Wants It: Yong (Aerohive HiveOS Engineering)

Why They Want It: I want this because I want to closely monitor my cholesterol level.

Gift Idea: TiVo Bolt

Who Wants It: Cam (Aerohive customer: IT at University of Tennessee)

Why They Want It: I need to upgrade from my old, eight-year-old Tivo.

Gift Idea: Weather Station

Who Wants It: Jim (Aerohive customer: Sr. Dir. Information Systems at Sharetec, Inc.)

Why They Want It: I want to know what the weather is like.


Gift Idea: Star Wars Mugs

Who Wants It: Cathy (Aerohive customer: Technical Support Analyst at NBPLS)

Why They Want It: I’m a fan of coffee and Star Wars – A perfect match!!

Gift Idea: Chewie Union Suits

Who Wants It: Joe (Aerohive Integrated Solutions Documentation)

Why They Want It: As I think ahead to the bitter cold of Tokyo in winter, where I’ll be for the holidays, I imagine how cozy a Chewbacca onesie would make me feel. It would also bring a smile to my daughter’s face and looks of concern to the faces of all my in-laws. RRRR RRRRR!

Gift Idea: 7-in–1 instant pot

Who Wants It: Rupali (Aerohive software engineer)

Why They Want It: Who wouldn’t like getting the meals ready fast after a long day at work? The delayed cooking option even allows the meal to be ready when the you and the kids reach home!

Gift Idea: Bee winter USB hand warmer mouse pad

Who Wants It: Rupali (Engineering)

Why They Want It: This USB hand warmer mouse pad lets your fingers and hand “bee” warm while using the mouse!

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Amanda Henry is Editorial Director, Content Marketing at Aerohive and Editor in Chief of boundless magazine.

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