Holiday Gift Guide 2016 (For Tech Geeks) Part 1: Electronics

Welcome to our Third Annual Holiday Gift Guide (for Tech Geeks). Matthew Gast kicked off this whole idea two years ago when he realized he was so challenging to shop for, he needed to put together a list for his family to use as a guide.

Many people here at the Hive – and our customers as well! – have that same challenge. So here we are, in 2016, putting out yet another useful, if not sometimes eclectic, list of ideas for that special tech-geek in your life.

There are five categories of ideas: Electronics, Entertainment, Commuter, Home, and Toys. And all are based on the following criteria: “When submitting your tech-geek gift idea, be serious, be preposterous. It’s up to you. Just be genuine that it’s something you want, regardless of the reality of getting it. Have fun with your assignment.”

Gift Idea: GoPro HERO

Who Wants It: Shuo (Aerohive Engineering)

Why They Want It: To record every day of my daughter and capture my world. It is easy to frame shots and play back. It will be totally cool to replace my DSLR.

Gift Idea: Cloud Speaker

Who Wants It: Carol (Aerohive Sales Operations)

Why They Want It: It’s practical, but not down-to-earth.

Gift Idea: Samsung Gear S3 Watch

Who Wants It: Alan (Aerohive Technical Publishing)

Why They Want It: It frees up pocket space, in either dress-up or adventurer style.

Gift Idea: iPhone Soap

Who Wants It: Jenni (Aerohive Corp Comms and Customer Advocacy)

Why They Want It: For those times when you are in a parking garage and slip in urine and your phone goes flying.

Gift Idea: Connected Clothing: IoT Shirt track the wearer’s activities and workout stats (Wi-Fi 802.11ac Enabled)

Who Wants It: Derek (Aerohive Systems Engineer, International)

Why They Want It: It is quite hot in Southeast Asia even during Christmas. And I need my smart clothes to be capable of connecting via Wi-Fi PPSK technology to protect my network from an IoT Attack.

Gift Idea: Amazon Echo Dot

Who Wants It: Sowmya (Aerohive Cloud Staff QA)

Why They Want It: Since we are a networking company and our mission is to go boundless, wireless … This gadget uses the wireless technology and is very apt to be recommended as a gift. This device uses the latest IoT technology and will motivate and increase the number of internet users and in turn the business for wireless vendors.

Gift Idea: Amazon Echo Dot + Google Home (both of them)

Who Wants It: Milind (Aerohive Product Marketing)

Why They Want It: Because they run on WiFI and can control other Wi-Fi connected things. But most of all because they can do this! 😀

Gift Idea: Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Who Wants It: Alex (Aerohive Sales)

Why They Want It: For the data driven runner, swimmer or cyclist (which I definitely am) this watch collects mounds of information from your activity. As an added bonus, it doesn’t even look too dorky to wear as an everyday watch!

Gift Idea: Apple Watch Series 2

Who Wants It: Abby (Aerohive Product Marketing)

Why They Want It: I really want the waterproof feature of the new Apple Watch so I can wear it to track laps when swimming!

Gift Idea: Charging Purse

Who Wants It: Ruchi (Aerohive Inside System Engineer)

Why They Want It: It’s awesome- we ladies have to carry them around anyway – might as well put them to good use!


Gift Idea: Google Pixel

Who Wants It: Ruchi (Aerohive Inside System Engineer)

Why They Want It: It has great battery life!

Gift Idea: Honey bees at work iPhone case

Who Wants It: Rupali (Engineering)

Why They Want It: A cool gift from the Hive to the bees at work!

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Amanda Henry is Editorial Director, Content Marketing at Aerohive and Editor in Chief of boundless magazine.

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