HiveFeed: November 2018

Welcome to this November edition of HiveFeed from Aerohive. HiveFeed is your go-to place for monthly insider updates, keeping you in the loop with everything Aerohive. I’m Nathaniel Moore from the Products team and I’ll be spilling the details in this November update. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a message @nathoware on Twitter or email me –


Let’s kick off with some announcements.

HiveManager Skill for Amazon Alexa 

Aerohive is the first vendor to recognize that a voice-driven interface to the access network can significantly increase efficiency for IT networking professionals. To that end, Aerohive has integrated our HiveManager Network Management System with Amazon’s Alexa Virtual Assistant.  The result is HiveManager Shortcuts – a voice-enabled, virtual assistant for network administration tasks. See it in action in this video!

More information on the HiveManager Skill for Amazon Alexa can be found here.

Network 360

Recently, we announced a new capability for HiveManager customers – Network 360. Network 360 is derived using Aerohive’s true microservices Cloud architecture, API-driven Cloud-Management, and native machine learning capability to securely collect, process, and rapidly analyze vast amounts of data from a customer’s network to accurately depict the “network health” in both real-time and historical views.

The below screenshot is a UI mockup (subject to change):

In a nut shell, Network 360 provides:

  • Real-time “access network health” in a single view
  • Historical “access network health” in a single view
  • Machine Learning calibrated network health metrics
  • Single source of “truth” for access network health
  • 30 Days of auditable access network health data

Network 360 is being built out via a Continuous Delivery development model throughout October, November, and December 2018 and will be available in all of Aerohive’s deployment options when completed (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premises).

WPA3 Support

We announced our plans for WPA3 in June, and in November, we deliver the first part of that promise with SAE support. Among other features and enhancements of HiveOS 8.4r7, this version adds support for SAE (Simultaneous Authentication of Equals)

In this release, supported devices include: Atom AP30, AP122, AP122X, AP130, AP150W, AP230, AP245X, AP250, AP550 and AP1130

HiveManager will be updated later this month to support SAE configuration within the interface.

HiveOS release notes here. More information on WPA3 can be found here.

Cloud Config Groups

For those Aerohive veterans out there, think of this as Classifier Tags 2.0. The new Cloud Config Groups enhance Aerohive’s already existing and unique network-policy architecture and compliment traditional segmentation technologies (IP, VLAN, ACL, etc.) by enabling an IT administrator to select and structure (operationally micro-segment) any number of discrete Aerohive access points, switches, or routers on a single site, across multiple sites, or across their entire enterprise. Cloud Configuration Groups, with a few clicks, enable an IT administrator to operationally and dynamically segment the access network to align with the needs of the business, instead of struggling to adapt or settling for the limitations of traditional segmentation technologies. 

To learn more about Cloud Configuration Groups, check out our blog post here.

Did you know?

Did you know that much of the information contained within the HiveManager Dashboard can be amalgamated into a customized report and sent via email on a scheduled basis? Your Aerohive network can also be configured to periodically scan and report on PCI DSS 3.2 compliance, WIPS History and Wi-Fi Statistics. To create such a report, navigate to Dashboard> Reports.

These reports can be exported in URL or PDF format. Additionally, the raw data can be downloaded in CSV format.

Sneak Peek

As further evidence of our commitment to WPA3, check out these UI mockups for SSID configuration (subject to change). Expect WPA3 configuration to be make its way to HiveManager soon.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Aerohive if we didn’t have something else up our sleeve, would it? Aerohive has a track record of taking technologies like WPA2-PSK and developing advanced, practical solutions, including PPSK and PCG. For now, let me just say Aerohive intends to continue that legacy and we have some pretty exciting innovations planned for WSAEA3 – stay tuned.



Nathaniel Moore (CWNE #222) is a Product Marketing Manager for Aerohive Networks with experience as a Systems Engineer in computer networking and wireless systems across multi-vendor solutions.

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