HiveFeed: July 2018

Welcome to this July edition of HiveFeed from Aerohive. HiveFeed is your go-to place for monthly insider updates, keeping you in the loop with everything Aerohive. I’m Nathaniel Moore from the Products team over at Aerohive and I’ll be spilling the details in this July update. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a message @nathoware on Twitter or email me –


Let’s kick off with some announcements.

Aerohive announces global partnership agreement with Juniper Networks

On 28thJune we announced a global partnership agreement with Juniper Networks to sell Aerohive’s industry-leading Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi solution, including its new family of 802.11ax access points and its HiveManager® Cloud Management platform. Additionally, Juniper Sky Enterprise, Juniper’s cloud network management solution, has already been integrated at the time of this announcement with Aerohive’s HiveManager using APIs to simplify management of the joint solution.

More information here.

Client 360 launched!

 Client 360 is Aerohive’s new monitoring tool, enhanced by machine learning, it intelligently collates a wealth of data pertaining to client operation, connectivity health, faults, and performance, and presents them in a simple, informative way. In turn, this information can be used to quickly identify and resolve network errors and optimize performance.

It’s exceedingly simple to get to the bottom of client connectivity and performance problems. Not only can this tool significantly cut down on the time spent diagnosing and fixing issues, but it can help uncover and resolve items that might otherwise go undetected. It also alludes to areas where performance can be optimized. For added convenience, Aerohive’s Client Monitor is the perfect companion, proactively scanning and detecting issues while providing helpful, suggested remedies.

Overall, Client 360 is a killer monitoring tool that collates all the need-to-know information on a single page. It makes life easier. It helps keep users happy. It gives back time. I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love it!

This is only the first phase of Client 360, with additional features ready to drop soon!

More information here.

Presence Analytics in HiveManager

HiveManager now has built-in presence analytics! You can now see information pertaining to new and returning visitors, including associated and unassociated devices. This information helps to understand customer engagement and loyalty. As with Client 360, this is only the first phase of our Presence update. We already have some huge additions in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled!

SD-WAN Enhancements

June saw a slew of SD-WAN enhancements including USB modem configuration, customized address schemes, and subnetwork space assignment table. In the coming days, expect to see dynamic DNS support, VGVA gateway HA/failover, and DHCP reservations.

More information here.

Private Client Groups (PCG) Enhancements

PCG (Private Client Group) just got better by allowing multiple (up to four) private client groups per room, with an optional shared key for shared devices accessible by those groups. Additionally, PCG can now coexist with other SSIDs in the deployment.

Privet Client Groups provides secure, isolated, per-room networks while operating across a single SSID and VLAN.

More information here.

HiveManager Virtual Appliance GDPR Update 

Several privacy features are now available in the latest HiveManager VA, some of which can assist you addressing GDPR-related obligations that result from the rights to request and be forgotten. These features include:

  • Search the historical database for a specific client device.
  • Download the historical information regarding a specified (wireless or wired) client device.
  • Delete/Erase all the historical information regarding a specified (wireless or wired) client device.
  • Download all the information regarding a user or administrator account.
  • Delete/Erase all the information regarding a user or administrator account.

Want to know more on how Aerohive addresses GDPR? Read here.

Did you know?

Did you know you in addition to the almost 2000 applications and services Aerohive automatically recognizes via HiveOS, you can define custom ones. Once defined, you can block, restrict, rate-limit and prioritize bespoke applications and services. To create a custom application simply go to Configure> Applications> Add Custom.

More information here.

Sneak Peek

Recently, you may have seen some news regarding the latest security certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance – WPA3. Fortunately, Aerohive recently confirmed it will support WPA3 in a statement of direction published here. Additionally, you can read more from the Product Manager of HiveOS here.

Thanks for checking out this monthly edition of HiveFeed! Come back next month for more content!



Nathaniel Moore (CWNE #222) is a Product Marketing Manager for Aerohive Networks with experience as a Systems Engineer in computer networking and wireless systems across multi-vendor solutions.

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