Four Things Businesses Should Do To Get Started On Wi-Fi Tracking

In this series on leveraging big data, we took a comprehensive journey that looks at why and how businesses need to collect and analyze data about their operations so they can make informed strategic decisions about improving efficiencies. We’ve covered a range of topics relating to retailers and enterprises, but in our final post we offer one final bit of input – a four-point plan on getting started.

1) Set Goals

An effective Wi-Fi tracking and analytics rollout must be anchored to a core strategic objective. In the case of retail, this objective might be an improved customer experience. Once an objective is in place, business unit heads can work together to design systems and metrics that support those goals. Stakeholders at every level of the business need to recognize the value that analytics has to the business, and how it will help meet long term strategic goals.

2) Fulfill technical and analytical skills

The analytical skills required to turn raw data into actionable insights are in great demand – hence there is a global shortage. And the longer organizations wait to begin their move towards the connected enterprise, the harder they might find it to hire the right people for their projects.

3) Define collected data

Collecting data from multiple sources is easy. Unlocking insights is more difficult. Even if would-be connected enterprises have found a way to cross reference datasets, they still need to analyze that information quickly and efficiently if they are to create insights that can be actioned in real time.

4) Act on insights

Centralized data is useful for global observations. But it is the employees at the edge of the company that need to act. The connected enterprise will build an analytics system that can be used by workers at all levels of the business, empowering them to make operational adjustments at the local level. These changes can then be fed back to the core of the business for application elsewhere if the outcomes are suitably significant.

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