Four Reasons Schools Should Embrace Technology

Schools worldwide are seeing first-hand what technology can do for students, and how it changes the dynamics of the classroom. Teachers are able to provide a better learning experience for their students, and students are more successful in school.

For schools still investigating the pros and cons of starting, or upping, their technology investment, I’ve laid out four reasons why it’s time to embrace the modern era of the high-tech classroom.

Four reasons schools should invest in technology

1. Better access to resources: Having enough bandwidth to allow access to resources is a big consideration when investing in technology. The more the bandwidth, the better the access. The better the access, the better the learning experience. The better the learning experience, the more engaged the student.

The shift towards more video content and simulation content has driven the need fore more bandwidth.

2. Competency-based learning plans: Individualized learning plans based on student competencies result in students becoming more engaged.

The classroom is made up of students at different learning levels. By using technology, teachers will be able to quickly and thoroughly assess student capabilities and from here create structured learning plans.

3. Improve discipline: When students fail to engage with the curriculum, they become restless, bored, and distracted. Then they become discipline problems.

Technology drives engagement, creating an environment in which students are less likely to become bored or frustrated, but rather motivated to do better in an environment they feel in control of and enjoy.

4. Better inter-student relationships: Technology is also paving the way for more collaborative projects and published, shareable work. These help foster better relationships between students. It also allows students to have a sense of pride in their work.

Students strive at a higher level if they know the work they are producing is going to be shared with a wider audience.


Mat Edwards is Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Aerohive where he helps drive strategy and vision for Aerohive's wireless LAN solutions.

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