Client Mode – Retail Analytics Made Easy

HiveOS recently gained a new update – Client Mode. Despite this update being available on other Aerohive APs, it transforms the Atom AP30 into a retail store must-have.

One of the most attractive aspects of operating Wi-Fi in a retail environment (from a business perspective) is analytics gathering and customer engagement. But what if you have already deployed Wi-Fi and it doesn’t provide the retail analytics you want? What if the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure you have does not have integrated BLE and other technologies that can be used to interact with customers?

Back in February of this year, Aerohive introduced the Atom AP30. Atom is the perfect complement to a retail store looking to provide a sensor overlay and there is absolutely no need to replace your current infrastructure. In fact, it’s is designed to work with your existing network (no, it doesn’t have to be Aerohive). Take an Atom AP30, plug it into the wall and it can relay information pertaining to presence analytics, footfall, and other useful information.

What about backhaul connectivity? Plugging Atom into a wall-outlet only gets you so far – power. Atom still needs a backhaul connection to offload all of that analytical data. At launch, the backhaul connection was achieved using an Ethernet cable, between Atom and an Ethernet jack. But what happens if there isn’t a spare Ethernet jack nearby? Enter – Client Mode.

With Client Mode, Atom AP30s can wirelessly bridge to your existing Wi-Fi network (behaving similar to a client). Once bridged, they can automatically record information pertaining to customer loyalty (returning visitors), visitor duration, footfall statistics and other insightful information. This data is then presented via the built-in presence analytics features of HiveManager, including various graphs, charts, and numerical representations.

That’s not all Client Mode can do though. Fundamentally, Client Mode enables an Aerohive AP to wirelessly bridge to a non-Aerohive network. This means it can be used to effortlessly extend wireless coverage, provide a secure wireless network for remote workers (including automatic VPN management) and much more.


Nathaniel Moore (CWNE #222) is a Product Marketing Manager for Aerohive Networks with experience as a Systems Engineer in computer networking and wireless systems across multi-vendor solutions.

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