Chinese International School chooses Aerohive to Power Multi-Campus Wi-Fi Network

Earlier today, we published a new case study about a school whose story we are very excited to share. Located in Hong Kong, Chinese International School is a private school, for students in Reception to Year 13. Its students come from diverse backgrounds, with over 30 ethnicities represented by the student body.  It originally opened in 1983, but the school has expanded over the years to include multiple campuses with over 1500 students and 320 staff members.

When they came to us, they had a network that was built for wired clients only. When they began with Wi-Fi, they originally chose a product that used an onsite controller. They quickly found out the network couldn’t handle the onslaught of clients connecting to it on a daily basis. All of the traffic was being tunneled back to the controller and couldn’t keep up with demands of users. Devices struggled to maintain stable connections, and IT was powerless to solve the problem.

Of course, our cloud-managed products were up to the task of handling their high-density networking needs. CIS has recently expanded their network with us as they’ve grown their campuses. The school recently made the move from HiveManager Classic to the newest version of HiveManager. The IT department can now use tools like Network 360 and Client 360 to help diagnose any problem and remedy them.

“The network runs on autopilot. Day to day, we don’t have to even think about it,” said Sunil Talwar, Deputy Director of Operations, Chinese International School.

We invite you to read the case study! Click here to view it. We’re proud to be working with Chinese International School, and we can’t wait to see what the next generation of students will create once they hit the workforce!




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