How Can You Avoid RF Interference In Wi-Fi Deployments?

Last week, I talked about how to deploy a Wi-Fi network that actually works. I mentioned that the key is to avoid RF interference. This week, I want to discuss how to avoid it. First, I want to give you a “cheat sheet” on some basics of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Quick Reference Guide: Wi-Fi is a […]

Understanding RF Interference In Wi-Fi Deployments

In my last post, I looked at how to pick the best access point. This week, we will be looking at what it takes to deploy a network that actually works. A good Wi-Fi deployment looks like something out of science fiction; you simply put the access points up on the ceiling, and suddenly you […]

How To Pick Which Access Point Is Best For Your Network

Last time, we looked at how 802.11ac has become the industry standard since its ratification in 2014. For the first half of 2018, 802.11ac Wave 2 is the latest option for speed gains, with theoretical bandwidth over 1 Gbps. However, towards the middle of 2018, a new standard — 802.11ax will be released that focuses […]

The Ratification of 802.11ac, And Its Use Cases

Last time, we looked at the 802.11n standard. In January 2014, the IEEE approved the 802.11ac standard. With this standard, several advances were realized, including more dense modulation (this just means packing more data onto the same radio wave), more channel bonding (think of this as taking two 2-lane highways and turning them into a […]

Aerohive Atom AP30: My New Favorite Access Point

I came into the IT world when 802.11n was the primary Wi-Fi technology being used. Even back then, I always thought that wireless technology was racing towards a single common purpose: making deployments and management simpler. One of the challenges that I’ve had (and I know others have as well) is dealing with legacy cabling […]

Looking Back At The 802.11 Standard – Wi-Fi Basics

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), who write the 802.11 standards, is one of the names you will see most in any networking arena. They create and vet the standards, and, along with chipmakers and vendors, bring these standards to specifications and to the market. Another name to know is the Wi-Fi Alliance, […]

Education Wi-Fi Buyers Guide For 2018

Educators are faced with unique problems when considering how best to implement their networking infrastructure. In this guide, we will break down what to look for.

Simplifying GDPR Compliance: Better Options For Customers And Channel Partners

As many of our customers and partners kick off their 2018 plans, those in the European Union are facing potentially big changes as they finalize their compliance planning for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How To Enable 2 Factor Authentication In HiveManager

Two factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to online accounts. HiveManager NG supports this additional layer of security.

How I Grabbed HiveManager NG Packet Captures Using CloudShark

By connecting CloudShark to Aerohive’s HiveManager NG, IT managers can execute packet captures on their Wi-Fi network from anywhere.