Aerohive Provides RougeGorge a Seamless Wi-Fi Solution and Connects 232 Retail Stores

We are excited to announce that French lingerie brand RougeGorge chose Aerohive to power its Connected Stores Project for its 232 stores and headquarters. Founded in 1998, RougeGorge allows women to express their femininity however they choose through affordable, creative, and smart lingerie for every occasion. They are opening an average of 20 new stores in […]

Building a Reliable and Fast Wi-Fi Network That Works for Teachers, Students, Guests, and IT Departments

With E-rate 2019 deadlines fast approaching, Aerohive is excited to help K–12 schools navigate the process and build a network that delivers A+ performance for teachers, students, and IT departments. Aerohive’s solutions for K–12 allow IT departments to build fast, stable, and secure networks while providing a great experience the teachers and students. IT departments […]

Top ‘Must Haves’ of Next-Generation Retail Wi-Fi

Treat Wi-Fi as a business enablement/business intelligence tool A device’s Wi-Fi signals can be anonymously detected and, due to the high-percentage of shoppers carrying Wi-Fi-equipped devices, can be used to accurately measure shopper behavior. The Aerohive Cloud Services solution platform includes open APIs that leverage Wi-Fi network data in applications that provide comprehensive retail analytics, […]

Conduct Your Network with AI Driven Innovation

We’ve been sharing a lot of information about why we’re really excited about HiveManager Shortcuts with Amazon Alexa. While we don’t think IT Managers are going to replace 100 percent of browser-based management with voice, we do think it can be a great addition to help simplify a number of tasks. Let’s watch a video to […]

The Coolest New Tech at NRF 2019? We Think it’s HiveManager Shortcuts

A decade ago, a retail IT team was in charge of things you typically think of when it comes to IT. They had to maintain servers, keep the POS system running, and secure the network. Retail has evolved drastically in the past few years. Shoppers aren’t just shopping online. They’re browsing online, visiting stores, searching for […]

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Aerohive for Your Retail Wi-Fi Solution

Aerohive offers a complete ecosystem of products for retail environments. If you are looking to take your retail Wi-Fi solution to the next level for your employees and customers, we can offer everything you need. Our personalized engagement platform delivers a lot of value for your business operations beyond just Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to […]

Why You Should Be Thinking About Multi-Site Network Management

Organizations generally don’t start out as planning to become multi-site. It often just happens. Either growth or circumstances usually determines it. The problem for IT managers is when their networking setup at the main corporate office doesn’t lend itself to expansion across multiple sites. For this reason, regardless of expansion plans, IT departments should always […]

Ongoing Management and Troubleshooting Of Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks

Particularly in education, it is vital for the WLAN to be easy to troubleshoot. In many cases, the consumer mobile devices being used in the classroom, whether school-owned or BYOD, are optimized for battery life, not for radio transmission; unfortunately, the end user will not be aware of that. All users will see is that […]

How Do You Understand The Overall Cost of WLAN Deployments?

The majority of this cost section is dedicated to the consideration of initial deployment and installation of a Wi-Fi solution, as well as to the cost of its day-to-day management. This is because at the end of the day, what you spend on access points for your WLAN may not turn out to be where […]

Network Access Security – a simplified view

Over the last year, network security has come back into focus in a big way. Organizations are implementing upgraded security measures to make sure their data is safe. Client devices are targeted all the time, making the networks they join vulnerable. If any of these devices join your network, they can infect it – causing […]