Talking About WLPC With Jussi Kiviniemi

There are several conferences organized every year that focus on Wi-Fi. One of the biggest one is WLPC. Gregor Vucajnk (CWNE#96) and Jussi Kiviniemi from Ekahau talk about it what the conference is for, and why it’s useful.

ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights August 25 2017

“ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights” is a Friday roundup of tech news from around the web.

Wi-Fi Career Pro Tip: Learn 802.11 Frame Analysis

What is one of the smartest things Wi-Fi admins can do? Learn 802.11 frame analysis. These two videos by a couple of WLAN Pros will help you get started.

E-rate 2017 Is Officially Underway

If upgrading your Wi-Fi is on your 2017 school to do list, E-rate will make this process a lot more affordable. There is almost $800 million dollars available this year.