Q&A with IT Education Specialists

In this Out of School podcast, Bradley and Fraser take listeners questions on education tech deployments.

Reality Check Archives

Welcome to Reality Check, conversations with experts about applications, solutions, and the things Wi-Fi can do beyond just connectivity.

BYOD Doesn’t Have To Be A Challenge

In episode 2 of our BYOD Podcast series, experts discuss how enterprises can overcome challenges when deploying BYOD.

Is the iPad Pro Just a Big iPad?

IT directors discuss additional iPad Pro thoughts on this week’s Out of School podcast.

What Would Mobile Life Be Like Under A Chrome OS + Android Merger?

Chrome OS has become very popular. With the rumors of it merging with Android, how should organizations proceed with deployments?

Hands On With The iPad Pro

Fraser Speirs recently got a hands on with the iPad Pro. Here are his thoughts about hardware, iOS 9 software, and accessories.

Reality Check: Your WLAN Is Already Supporting BYOD. Now What’s Your Strategy?

Enterprises may be contemplating BYOD, but the truth is it’s already on the network in some form. The next step is to embrace it.

Are Massive Open Online Courses the Future of Education?

In this week’s Out of School podcast, Fraser talks with Dr. Leah Marks about online learning through Massive Open Online Courses.

Are There Undesirable Effects Of Innovations?

In this weeks Out of School, Fraser looks at the undesirable effects that new innovations and bring to a social order.

Are Larger Organizations more Innovative than Smaller Ones?

Are larger organizations more innovative than smaller ones? It often depends on who is answering the question, and what the questions were.