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Designing a Wi-Fi Network for the Internet of Things? Think Capacity

In this article, Neil McRae discusses the importance of designing the wireless LANS for capacity.

Lending A Helping Hand To Habitat For Humanity

Aerohive employees took a day to help Habitat for Humanity prep playhouses and paint a mobile home.

Celebrating Family Time With The Annual Aerohive Summer Picnic

Aerohive employees gathered for an afternoon of fun and games with their families.

See HiveManager NG In Action

Abby Strong demos HiveManager NG for attendees at a recent conference.

Why Is Cloud-Management Better For Wi-Fi Than Cloud-Control?

Cloud management means administrators can make changes within the management console and have complete control over exactly what gets pushed to devices and when.

Accelerating The Move To Outsourced Enterprise Wi-Fi

It makes sense for customers to outsource their wireless networks, and shift focus from Wi-Fi management to transforming how they do business.

We’re On The Move! The Exciting Road To Aerohive’s New Headquarters

Aerohive is relocating our headquarters to Milpitas, CA. We’re still in the heart of Silicon Valley, but in a modern, more collaborative environment.

How Wi-Fi Drives A Connected Retail Experience

Retailers looking to combat online retailers can use Wi-Fi to personalize the sales and shopping experience. This experience will drive customer loyalty.

What Real World Wi-Fi Performance Looks Like

When comparing access points from different vendors, how do customers determine which is the fastest, and which architecture is the most reliable?

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Data Your Wi-Fi Is Collecting?

Given advances in connected clouds, this series explores how business processes and customer engagements can result in real financial return.