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How AI and Machine Learning Impact Cloud-Managed Networking: EDUCATION Edition

In our recent blog posts, we’ve been looking at the roles AI and Machine Learning play in different industries, and how this technology is making an impact for network managers, business managers, partners, and customers. We’ve already covered Retail and Hospitality, and will be looking at education today. Over the past decade, a lot has […]

Tech Podcast: Use the Power of Cloud Networking to Feed Business Intelligence Back to Your Organization

We’ve talked a lot about AI and Machine Learning recently, and just last week we kicked off a series looking at how this technology is impacting specific industries. Click here to start part 1. Aerohive’s Mat Edwards, who works on our Product Marketing team, was recently a guest on The Tech Blog Writer podcast to […]

How AI and Machine Learning Impact Cloud-Managed Networking: HOSPITALITY Edition

We recently kicked off a series where we explore AI and Machine Learning, and how they will impact cloud-networking. Enterprise IT departments have been tasked with securing their networks for end-user devices, payment systems (PCI compliance), and IoT devices. In the hospitality industry, they must also be ready for guest access when it comes to […]

How AI and Machine Learning Impact Cloud-Managed Networking: RETAIL Edition

Predicting Future Demand: Retail has continued to push back against e-commerce, thanks to new technology that has drawn shoppers back in. AI technology will enable marketing departments to analyze store returns, receipts, and loyalty cards to predict future demand for apparel and accessories, as well as manage inventory. AI, combined with in-store Wi-Fi, can help […]

Key Industry Use Case Edition: Introduction to AI and Machine Learning for Cloud-Managed Networking

AI and Machine Learning are set to make a huge impact on enterprise networking over the next few years. As we continue to see exponential growth in the number of devices on our networks, we need additional tools to help manage and optimize how networks function. With the current IoT explosion, IT departments are looking for […]

“A Few of My Favorite Wi-Fi Conferences” – David Coleman on the WLAN Pros Podcast

At Aerohive, we love the Wi-Fi community and all the cooperative learning opportunities that are available. In a recent episode of the WLAN Pros Podcast, Aerohive’s David Coleman talks with Keith Parsons about some of the different Wi-Fi Conferences they have attended over the years and discuss the differences between them. Here are just a […]

Why Cloud Networking is Essential for Forwarding Thinking Organizations

As companies go through various seasons of their growth, IT is expected to be ready to respond at any given time. If the business expands, IT has to expand. If the business is moving to multi-site, IT has to respond with solutions. IT departments have must be ready to respond to anything but also maintain […]

Brockport Central School District Solves Wi-Fi Woes with Aerohive’s Innovative Cloud-Managed Networking Solution

During ISTE 2019, we are happy to publish a new customer success story with Brockport Central School District. The Brockport Central School District is a 1:1 school from kindergarten through 12th grade. On average, they see 3,800 unique devices (a mixture of iPads and Windows laptops) on their network per day. Prior to choosing Aerohive […]

Reimagine Education and Enhance the Learning Experience with Aerohive’s AI-Driven Cloud-Managed Networking

Aerohive is excited to be at ISTE 2019 this week in Philadelphia, PA at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Our cloud-managed networking products excel in many industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality. Aerohive has long been a favorite of many network administrators in education as well. ISTE attendees can stop by Booth #2652 for […]

Aerohive Goes Green and Makes Big Strides Toward Sustainability within Hospitality Industry

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) estimates that hotels represent more than 5 billion square feet of space in the US alone. Spaces that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With such a presence, green technology and sustainability need to be top of mind, especially as society looks for more ways to […]