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How to Connect HiveManager Shortcuts to Amazon Alexa

In this video demo, we walk you through how to connect Amazon Alexa to HiveManager Shortcuts. HiveManager Shortcuts is a new way to manage and monitor your enterprise network. Most network management tasks today are performed from a computer, via a management console. However, enterprise networks these days are becoming ever more complex and are often […]

“Alexa, Open Aerohive HiveManager”

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, HiveManager Shortcuts is a new way to manage and monitor your enterprise network. We’re excited to announce that it’s now available to use (at no additional charge for Aerohive customers!) If you want to get started, we’ve provided setup instructions below. If you’d like to setup the account […]

Aerohive Launches New Regional Data Center in South Korea

Aerohive has always aimed to give IT departments a choice in how they deploy our products and services. Organizations have different requirements, and we want our products to be flexible enough to fit every scenario. Aerohive was one of the early leaders in cloud-managed networking. Even in those early days, some customers were unsure about […]

Aerohive Participates In Juniper SP Innovation Day

As we announced back in June, Aerohive and Juniper struck a partnership to allow Juniper customers to buy Aerohive products directly from Juniper sales representatives and resellers. This partnership means that a customer with a Juniper buying contract can buy our industry-first 802.11ax access points, our industry-first Enterprise-class pluggable access point, and our AI-driven HiveManager® […]

Our Top Tech Gift Christmas Guide for 2018

At Aerohive, we always love celebrating the Holidays. As our employees in the USA prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, a lot of people have already started preparing for the Christmas shopping season. We reached out to our employees and asked what was on their Chrismas wish list this year, and we got some great responses. If you need […]

HiveFeed: November 2018

Welcome to this November edition of HiveFeed from Aerohive. HiveFeed is your go-to place for monthly insider updates, keeping you in the loop with everything Aerohive. I’m Nathaniel Moore from the Products team and I’ll be spilling the details in this November update. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a message @nathoware […]

All About The 802.11ax Roadshow!

Over the past few months, our team has traveled around the US and Canada talking to customers about 802.11ax. In all, we’ve been to 23 cities, and more are coming soon. Many of our roadshows have been standing room only because of the excitement. We’ve had a great mix of existing customers, new prospects, and our […]

Coming Soon: HiveManager Shortcuts Powered By Amazon Alexa Integration

One of the most significant challenges of being in IT is the network is always running. Even after business hours are over (if your business isn’t open 24/7), emails are still flowing, IoT devices are still in operation, CRM tools are still receiving data, and everything has to work. IT is a 24/7 operation in 2018. […]

Cloud Configuration Groups: Solving Network Policy Complexity

Earlier today, we announced Cloud Configuration Groups, a new HiveManager configuration and network device management feature. Cloud Configuration Groups is a new form of device classification that adds more flexibility when configuring network policies with HiveManager. Cloud Configuration Groups solves the management challenge of implementing template-based network policies for network devices that require different settings. […]

Secure Access Management with A3 – Now With Cloud Management

Earlier today, we announced that cloud management is now available for our A3 Secure Access Management solution. If you are new to A3, you can watch an on demand demo to learn more. First launched in May 2018 as an on-premises solution, A3 brings a comprehensive, yet simplified,  approach to IoT, BYOD, corporate, and guest device onboarding, provisioning, and […]