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Aerohive Atom AP30: Enterprise Coverage At A Great Price

When the Wi-Fi first came to the enterprise, it had two things that were commonplace: it was expensive, and it was complicated. The tricky thing for the Wi-Fi industry is as the technology for WLAN’s got better, our devices continued to push the boundaries of the network. If the access points could provide faster access, […]

April Fool’s day happens EVERY day for IT help desks…Dumb Questions Bingo is here to help!

From the beginning, Aerohive has always been in the business of enabling IT professionals to work faster and more efficient. Keeping with that tradition, Aerohive is announcing a new era for IT troubleshooting that begins today. It’s called the DQB tool, and it’s designed to assist IT help-desks with trouble calls that are continually being […]

Video Demo of Aerohive Atom AP30 Installation

  When I initially wrote about Aerohive Atom AP30, I honestly was as excited about it as I was the first time I saw HiveManager (version 3.0 back in 2011!). Aerohive Atom AP30 represents technology built for what I consider to be “normal” environments. What do I mean normal? I really should say imperfect. In […]

Introducing Industry’s First Family of Enterprise 802.11ax Access Points

Abby Strong, VP of Products & Marketing and David Coleman, Aerohive Product Evangelist and CWNE#4, introducing industry’s first family of enterprise 802.11ax access points. Aerohive intends to deliver three new models in mid-2018. The new 802.11ax Wi-Fi access points – AP630, AP650, and AP650X – are 802.11ax-capable as well as being fully compatible with existing […]

Aerohive Announces Three 802.11ax Access Points

When I first became an Aerohive customer in 2012, I knew that I was buying into a platform that was built for the future. By bypassing legacy hardware (WLAN controllers), Aerohive would always be able to stay ahead of the curve with new hardware products and new software. By leveraging a cloud-management platform, Aerohive could […]

Aerohive Announces Exciting OEM Partnership with Dell EMC

Aerohive has announced a global OEM agreement with Dell EMC.

Hive Swarms To Lend A Helping Hand At Wildlife Refuge

The Hive Bees pulled together for a volunteer day working at a San Francisco Bay Area wildlife refuge.

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 As Experienced By Portland and HQ

On Monday, Aug. 21, all of North America was treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality was able to view one of nature’s awe inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. Our Portland office (those lucky Oregonians) was very close to the path of totality and experienced a 99.7% […]

Family Picnic At The Hive: Hawaiian Luau Edition

Aerohive Bees at HQ gathered for a family picnic.

Wi-Fi Feud, Spending Time with Customers, and Other Fun At ISTE 2017

At ISTE 2017, Aerohive took home “Best of Show” from Tech & Learning. We spent time showing off Aerohive Connect and hanging out with customers.